Baby Louie

Hi loves!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you’re ready for a greasy start this Monday – we’ve had an amazing weekend, not only did we have a baby sitter for Celina but we also got the amazing news that America voted for the good and will change president in January 2021 – 2020 has been an awful year all together so to know that 2021 will at least bring us more compassion and hope is the best news we could get.

On another note! We are happy to announce that our new family member will be named Louie ♥️ I’m so happy to share this with all of you, most of you already guessed it right under my post earlier this week but – yes – he will be named Louie.

Celina picked the name and we fell in love with it, it also just happened to be a name that generates from the name Ludwig so I mean – it was definitely meant to be.

I have to post this photo too because Wincent is actually giving us a smile – that never happens on a photo to anymore.

Wishing you a wonderful evening my sweet darlings!

It’s been a year – but here we go again

Hi loves, it’s been a year since I posted here, I was all set to start a blog and share more of our everyday life, more of my interior passion and DYI projects, but life got in the way and I had to cancel the blog for a while, until I felt like I was inspired and motivated enough to share again.

I’m very happy to tell you that I’ve reached that point in my life now, where I can’t wait to tell you more – about everything.

A lot has happened in the past year, we are expecting baby number 3 and I’m in week 25 right now with a beautiful baby boy, Winnie and Celina is keeping me busy as ever so it will be fun to see how I’m about to handle a baby as well – wish me luck!

A long autumn day

It’s been a long day today, probably because the night was extremely short – Celina woke up 6 times and was up and ready to start the day at 5 am…

We spent the day shopping for the last stuff we needed for Greece this weekend, bathing suits and some lighter clothes for wincent since he’s grown out of all his summer clothes already – he’s a size 86/92 (1,5 years) and I’m pretty sure he’ll outgrow Celina before this time next year.

We ended the day on our terrace enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful colors, I love fall so much! It’s my favorite season both fashion and nature wise.

The set I’m wearing is from Gina Tricot – you can find the skirt here and the top here

Have a wonderful evening!

Summer came back to Sweden

We spent yesterday at djurgården, we wanted to spend the day at the zoo but so did most of Stockholm and all the tourists due to the nice weather. After driving around looking for a parking space for about 45 minutes we gave up and decided to go for a nice lunch in the sun instead.

Wincent had shoes on for the first time yesterday, we’ve had such a hard time fitting shoes on him but we manage yesterday and he had them on for a full 30 minutes!!

Weekends are the time to make memories in our family, not really for resting, it’s actually more exhausting being in the house with two small ones then being out and about, in my opinion.

We’re leaving for Greece next Saturday to soak up some more of this heat – can’t wait!

Hope you all are having a magical weekend!