Baby Louie

Hi loves!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you’re ready for a greasy start this Monday – we’ve had an amazing weekend, not only did we have a baby sitter for Celina but we also got the amazing news that America voted for the good and will change president in January 2021 – 2020 has been an awful year all together so to know that 2021 will at least bring us more compassion and hope is the best news we could get.

On another note! We are happy to announce that our new family member will be named Louie ♥️ I’m so happy to share this with all of you, most of you already guessed it right under my post earlier this week but – yes – he will be named Louie.

Celina picked the name and we fell in love with it, it also just happened to be a name that generates from the name Ludwig so I mean – it was definitely meant to be.

I have to post this photo too because Wincent is actually giving us a smile – that never happens on a photo to anymore.

Wishing you a wonderful evening my sweet darlings!

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