Why are my babies always naked?

This is a question I get on my Instagram from time to time, a rather odd question in my opinion. The question is usually followed by “aren’t they cold?” – so I wanted to address this once and for all because first of all – my children are NOT naked all the time, Wincent is always in a body (at the least), I don’t think I’ve ever posted a story of him in just a diaper. So I’m assuming this question really is “why is Celina always naked?” (still a rather odd question).

Celina probably have more clothes then the rest of this family combined, with that said, Celina is a girl who likes to try new things and she never sits still, she wants to help me cook, or play with water in the shower or in the sink, she has new projects all the time and I let her do exactly what she wants, no matter how messy it gets (crazy I know). I let her do exactly as she pleases because that makes her happy and that’s allt that matters to me. Another thing that makes Celina happy is to run around in her diaper, she takes her own clothes off, why does she do this one might ask?

You see, Celina hates when her clothes are wet or dirty, they basically become garbage to her then, if she gets ONE drop of water on her shirt, she needs to take it off, right away, she can’t focus on anything else until it’s off, same goes with her pant and her socks.

If we’re eating dinner and she spills anything, she needs to remove her clothes, this is not something we’ve thought her, this is just her and as I said before she gets to do exactly as she wants.

And now to the question of “aren’t they cold?” – Of course they aren’t cold, who would let their kids walk around cold? Our house is always 24-26 degrees (celsius) because Celina has a tendency to take her clothes off when ever.

I hope that clears out all the question marks – Also a little fun fact, since a lot of my followers have babies – did you know that a baby who gets to be naked or in a diaper only tends to learn how to move (turn around, crawl, walk) much faster?

Celina crawled at 3,5 months, sat up without support at 4 months, started to pull herself up to standing next to furniture at 5 months, and she started to walk on her own at 8 months (that lasted about one week, she haven’t walked since then, she always run now)


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