Let’s do this!

Hi beautiful,

I made a poll on my Instagram a while ago asking you all if you preferred me to start blogging or to start a YouTube channel, Youtube channel won. I’m honestly more of a video kinda gal, I think it’s easier to express myself if I get to talk and show you things rather then writing words to describe what I want to say – BUT since a lot of you wanted me to start a blog as well (because you can’t have that sound on all the time when you have babies – believe me I know) I’m here to deliver. I will (from this post on) write all my posts in Swedish and English.

I just want to add that WE (because this is a family thing) will start a YouTube channel as well as soon as our house is sold and things have calmed down over here. But this blog will be all me – my stories and my thoughts, so I think the two will balance each other quite well in the end.

So now you tell me – what do you want me to write about? I have 1000 topics that I could just spit out right now, because I love to share experiences between one another and you’re always so wonderful to comment under my posts on Instagram that I’m hoping we can continue the topics on a bit more intimate note here on the blog?

I think a blog is way easier to update as well, it don’t take long to write something but editing a move takes more time so this will probably be a faster way to share our life with you all ❤

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